Alexey Dyachkov


Alexey Dyachkov has worked in various positions at OOO Gazprom export since October 2006, seeking to optimize the procurement portfolio of Central Asian natural gas.

Between 2012 and 2015 he was the head of the office in PAO GAZPROM’s Department of Foreign Economic Affairs that is responsible for working with the governments of Central Asia, Transcaucasia and Kazakhstan. In this role he coordinated the sale and purchase of natural gas in the region on behalf of all PAO GAZPROM subsidiaries and affiliates.

In October 2015 he was transferred to the position of deputy head of OOO Gazprom export’s Department of Gas Export to the Countries of the Southern Transport Region and CIS. Alexey Dyachkov has been the head of this department since March 2017. Today A.N. Dyachkov is the key person responsible for organizing and implementing gas supplies to the countries of Southeast Europe, Turkey and CIS, as well as for ensuring the purchase of Central Asian gas.

Mr Dyachkov has been the CEO of GAZPROM Schweiz AG since November 2018.


Andrey Brinster


From April 2002 to March 2011 Andrey Brinster worked at GAZPROM Germania GmbH in the Natural Gas Trading Department. In his last position as Deputy Director for natural gas trading of GAZPROM Germania GmbH, he was responsible for the purchasing, transporting and sales of natural gas from the Central Asia.

In March 2011 Andrey Brinster was appointed Director of the Natural Gas Department of GAZPROM Schweiz AG, where he was responsible for purchasing and transportation of Central Asian natural gas as well as its marketing in the countries of South-East Europe.

From September 2015 Andrey Brinster is Chief Operating Officer of GAZPROM Schweiz AG (COO).