GAZPROM’s pipeline network has been transporting RuSSian natural gas to Europe for over four decades. At 171,200 km in length, GAZPROM has the longest natural gas pipeline network in the world.


It takes the natural gas around a week to traverse the distance of over 5,000 km from Western Siberia to customers in Germany, France, Italy, and other Western European countries.


To satisfy growing European demand and ensure reliable supply in the future, GAZPROM continuously invests in the expansion of its infrastructure. Together with BASF, E.ON, Gasunie, and GDF, it commissioned the Nord Stream pipeline, the first direct pipeline between Russia and Germany. 


— Natural gas reserves
Guaranteeing security of supply

Russia is among the most resource-rich nations on earth.

— Production
Rising global demand

GAZPROM is responsible for around 74 % of Russian natural gas production.

— Natural gas exports

23 % of Switzerland’s natural gas imports originate in Russia.